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Sri Lanka is without doubt is one of the world’s most pleasurable birding destinations. From the central highlands to the rich lowland rain forests, Sri Lanka is one of only a handful of magical destinations where it is possible to see every single country endemic in a well-planned trip.

Sri Lanka has a total list of over 492 species of birds. Out of these, 219 are resident and these include the most important 33 species that are recognized as endemic to the country. Most of the resident species are shared with the Asian mainland. A further 198 species have been recorded as migrants to the country. The majorities of these migrates to Sri Lanka during the northern winter and are present from about August/September to April/May. In contrast, pelagic species of seabirds like Shear waters, Petrels, Storm-Petrels etc migrate to Sri Lankan waters from southern oceanic islands during the southern hemisphere`s winter. Of the migrants, about 100 species regularly visit the country. The rest are occasional visitors and vagrants.

Bird Watching Main Locations

* Adams Peak
* Belihul Oya
* Horton Plains


Endemic Birds of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Spurfowl
Sri Lanka Junglefowl
Sri Lanka Wood-pigeon
Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot
Sri Lanka Emerald-collared Parakeet
Sri Lanka Red-faced Malkoha
Sri Lanka Green-billed Coucal
Sri Lanka Serendib Scops-owl
Sri Lanka Chestnut-backed Owlet
Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill
Sri Lanka Yellow-fronted Barbet
Sri Lanka Magpie
Sri Lanka Yellow-eared Bulbul
Sri Lanka Bush-warbler
Sri Lanka Brown-capped Babbler
Sri Lanka Scimitar-babbler
Sri Lanka Orange-billed Babbler
Sri Lanka Ashy-headed Laughingthrush
Sri Lanka White-eye
Sri Lanka Myna
Sri Lanka White-faced Starling
Sri Lanka Whistling-thrush
Sri Lanka Spot-winged Thrush
Sri Lanka Scaly Thrush
Sri Lanka Dull-blue Flycatcher
Sri Lanka White-throated Flowerpecker
Pompadour Green Pigeon
Crimson-fronted Barbet
Greater Flameback
Common Woodshrike
Greater Racket-tailed Drongo
Red-rumped Swallow
Black-crested Bulbul

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