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Many people are only just learning of the extraordinary phenomenon of the Sperm & the huge blue whales arriving in numbers just off the south coast of Sri Lanka. Seeing these huge creatures is a marine experience without parallel. This has been most popular attraction among the tourists who visit Sri Lanka.

Whales and Dolphins are spotted few nautical miles off the Galle harbor. We at Super Taprobane Tours use the “Princess of Lanka” Cruiser Owned and Operated by the Sri Lanka Navy for our valued guests as the Sri Lanka navy are the professionals at sea and we want make sure that our valued guests are in safe hands.

In Sri Lanka, Whales and Dolphin Watching sails are conducted in two cycles.

  • November to April – in the southern part of Sri Lanka

  • May to October – in the Eastern Part of Sri Lanka

To experience this:
You will have to make a prior booking to confirm availability of seats in the famous cruiser.
Avail yourself at the Galle harbor at least 30 minutes prior to sail. (06.30 AM)
Have in hand the Passport for security clearances at the Galle Harbor.

Charges are as follows
Local Passenger                               :               LKR 3500.00
Foreign Passport                              :               US$ 60.00
Children (6-12 Years Local)             :               LKR 2000.00
Children (6-12 Years Foreign)         :               US$ 30.00
Children (Below 6 Years)                 :               Free of charge
Duration                                            :               04 Hours
All Passengers are fully insured
The “Princess of Lanka” cruiser is equipped with:

  • A professional Life Saving Team

  • A professional Medical Team

  • Live Broad Cast Camera System

  • A mini bar at the Viewing Gallery

      We wish you pleasant Sailing


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